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World of Color Opening

WOC 05
Last night Amanda and I had the opportunity to see the new show at Disney’s California Adventure, World of Color. World of Color should be opening to the public this next week. Not just a fountain show, but an amazing combination of water, fire, projection, audio, lights and lasers. Over 1200 fountain heads, six 60′ x 120′ mist screens, and a few dozen flame throwers.

I worked for ShowFX as the lead designer on the Projection Domes. Originally intended to look and act like jellyfish they ended up being mere projection domes. They are 8′ diameter acrylic domes with a 20K projector behind hind them. The domes tilt 90 degrees and are mounted to a custom aluminum extruded mast. Unfortunately the tilt-action was taken out of the show by creative. The two biggest challenges of the the project were designing it to live underwater and it mounted to a platform that travels vertically in the water.

Projection Dome Testing

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