Richard R. Adams



A creative professional with a diverse background in the entertainment industry. Very experienced in both mechanical design, automation design, and programming.


PRINCIPAL, RICHinDesign, Monrovia, CA
Syyn Labs, “Target Wonderland”, 12/2015, New York, New York

  • Electrical design and programming of 6 control systems for various machines and interactive elements.
  • Mechanical design of a 25:1 scale Etch-a-Sketch that utilized 5 servomotors, two linear actuators, and a belt driven slew ring bearing.

D.A.S. Design Works, “KP Stage Lift”, 6/2015, Santa Fe Springs, CA

  • Electrical design and programming of a split-axis stage lift with two servo-controlled induction motors.

Syyn Labs, “Car Oregon”, 06/2015, Moscow, Russia

  • An interactive exhibit for the Moscow Polytechnic Museum composed of 24 vintage Russian cars whose lights and horns formed a piano. The piano could then be played by the public using a MIDI keyboard.

Rando Productions, “Science Center Prototypes”, 7/2014, North Hollywood, CA

  • Designed 5 different control systems for various prototype interactives for the California Science Centers new Aerospace building.
  • Systems included speed and position control of various types of motors and linear actuators.

Syyn Labs and Motion Theory, “Levis Ninerfier, 8/2014, Los Angeles, CA

  • A mobile trailer filled with elements of 49ers history and an overhead conveyor.
  • Fans would put their merchandise into the machine and watch as the glory of the 49ers was infused into it.
  • Designed a control system that included several motors and a few dozen actuators and lights.

Rambling Roads Production Services, “Waffle-inator”, 8/2013, Sun Valley, CA

  • Interactive video game that included 4 air-powered guns that shoot foam waffles at a 40’ tall video screen.
  • Redesigned the guns to be more reliable and have better performance.
  • Designed a distributed control system that allowed monitoring and control of all guns from front of house.

Syyn Labs, “Sweet!” Gumball Machine, 11/2012, Los Angeles, CA

  • Control system consultation and programming of a high-speed interactive gumball machine.
  • Direct Logic control system with 16 DC Brushless motors, interactive race car seat, and console.

Axtell Expressions, “Animatronic Tree”, 11/2012, Ventura, CA

  • Full mechanical design of 9 axis animatronic tree

Axtell Expressions, “Monster Box”, 3/2012, Ventura, CA

  • Electrical system design and programming of a battery powered lift for an animatronic puppet. Utilized a Quicksilver Servo controller and their unique servo controlled stepper motors.

ShowFX Inc. “KISS: Sonic Boom Tour”, 4/2010, Sheffield England

  • Controls system design and programming for the automation of the opening stage pieces.
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix System with PowerFlex40 AC drives and hydraulic controls
  • Performed onsite final programming and testing.

 GR Engineering Group, “Lights, Camera, Action!”, 11/2009, Universal Studios Singapore

  • Oversaw the installation of all electrical systems and controls.
  • Assisted with programming and testing of equipment.
  • Provided all controls related drawings and final as-built drawings.


6/2010- Present


Kelly Slater Wave Co., Lemoore, CA

Supervisory Safety System

  • Electrical design and programming of an Allen Bradley GuardLogix safety system that spanned 3 buildings over 30 acres. System included integration with the machine builder, machine guard interlocks, CCTV cameras, 120 tire pressure sensors, and a layer 3 network.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

Fast & Furious – Supercharged! “Flying Screen”

  • Moves a 20’x13’ piece of projection screen 18’ in 4 seconds.
  • Electrical design of a Type 1 SSC PLe control system that includes a GuardLogix PLC, a servo controlled 40HP motor, 25 discrete sensors, 3 encoders, and 3 laser scanners.

One World Observatory, New York, NY

Moving Screen Panels

  • 90’ wide aluminum projection screen with eight sections that retracted into the ceiling.
  • Designed a PLe safety rated control system with eight servo drives and 0.5mm precision.

The LA Forum, Inglewood, California

Upper Bowl Masking Curtains and Control System

  • Over 1000’ of Austrian curtains that masked off the upper half of the arena.
  • Designed a 26-line yoyo hoist, ultralight loft blocks, and mule blocks.
  • Designed a distributed control system with 8 MCC’s, a master controller, and a mobile touchpanel.

Amorepacific “A Gift of Beauty”, Osan, South Korea

Roll Drop and Control System

  • 20’ by 13’ projection screen that appears to be a wall and then disappears.
  • Project used LA ProPoint’s unique Roll Drop that travelled at 4fps.
  • Modified it to use an absolute encoder and designed a new control system that could position the screen within 1mm.

National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee

Sliding Pocket Door and Sliding Screen

  • A projection screen and sound isolating pocket door that slide out of the way to allow guests into the next space.
  • Safety Category 3 control system design with variable speed motors, astragal switches, and safety relays.

Westridge School, Pasadena, California

Self-Climbing Truss Control System

  • Lighting truss with synced motors at each end raise lights to a position in the ceiling.
  • Designed a distributed control system with 8 MCC’s mounted to the truss.
  • Servo motor controllers and encoders keep the motors synced and provide positional accuracy.

Wilshire Temple, Los Angeles, California

Chandelier Hoists and Control System

  • 8 hoists to lower chandeliers down for maintenance.
  • Designed a yoyo hoist and variable speed control system.

“RED”, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Roll Drops and Control System

  • 5 projection screens that are projected on from both sides and that are raised and lowered using DMX.
  • Designed a distributed control system with servo control of each motor and a DMX interface to show control.

“Eli Roth’s Goretorium”, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Meat Tube” and “Fright Elevator” Control System

  • Meat Tube was a 16’ x 25’ spinning tube that guest walked through.
  • Included a motor, pneumatic brakes, light curtains, and pneumatic balancing system.
  • Designed a Safety Category 4 system for control and monitoring of all systems.
  • Fright Elevator was a 28 person pneumatic motion base ride that simulated an elevator in freefall.
  • System included a 2-axis motion controller, servo-pneumatic valves, and pneumatically actuated doors.

Phantom Roll Drop

  • Designed a new type of high speed projection screen that is versatile and can travel over 4fps.
  • Dynamic design allows for different types of control systems and 8 different motor placements.

Galaxy Macau Casino, Macau, Macau

Diamond Wow Feature

  • Responsible for the design of the suspension and rotation elements of a 20,000lb “Diamond”.
  • Design included 6 hoists and 16 lift lines.
  • Mechanical design of 5,000lb hung rotational system including a 36” turntable bearing and electric drive system.

11/2007 – 11/2009

DESIGN ENGINEER, ShowFX, Santa Fe springs, CA

A leading manufacturer in entertainment design providing a wide range of services including show action equipment, magic illusions, special effects, touring sets, props, and scenery.

“World of Color”, Disney’s California Adventure, Anaheim, Ca

  • Conceptual design of “Chernabog”, a 75’ tall telescoping tower that stows under 14’ of water.
  • Mechanical and pneumatic design of 8’ diameter telescoping “Projection Domes” that stow under the water’s surface and telescope to 22’ above water line.

 “VIVA Elvis”, Cirque De Soleil, Las Vegas, NV

  • Mechanical design of Finale Staircase that was 16’ wide, 12’ tall and 32’ long with acrylic treads, and 8’ linear actuators that retracted the lower part underneath itself.

“Celebrate! A Street Party”, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

  • Conceptual and mechanical design of the “Drum Bikes” which consisted of modified three wheel bicycles topped with chariot-like rear platforms. Design included ornate bent tube, vacuum formed fenders, and conformation to strict structure and weight requirements.

“Scream Awards”, Spike TV, Los Angeles, CA

  • Mechanical design of 30’ tall aluminum “Dagger” housing video panels.
  • Designed a 12’ square clear acrylic video deck with no visible seems or support.

 “Criss Angel, Believe”, Cirque De Soleil, Las Vegas, NV

  • Mechanical design work on the opening illusion, the “Birth Machine”.

“Burnin’ Up Tour”, Jonas Brothers, Toronto, Canada

  • Mechanical design of curved video ramps, broken up in to manageable sections for touring.
  • Onsite installation and tour support for the controls system of the “Magic Carpet”.

“Fantastic World”, Universal Studios Japan

  • Mechanical design of the large tubular steel float chassis.
  • Contributed to the design of the power distribution and controls system.
  • Assisted onsite with the install, testing, and commissioning of the controls system.


6/2004 – 11/2007

DESIGN ENGINEER, Future Concepts, La Verne, CA

Manufacturer of Special Operations Vehicles and related technology for Law Enforcement and Government.

  • Oversaw the design and development of all mechanical and hardware related projects working closely with both electrical and software engineers.
  • Designed wiring and distribution systems for power, audio, and video.


4/2003 – 6/2004

MECHANICAL DESIGNER, Penwal Industries, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A concept-to-completion, design and build group that specializes in creating elements and environments with impact.

  • Extensive design work utilizing many specialty materials and ornate structures.
  • Transformed customers’ conceptual artwork into working mechanical drawings.


12/2002 – 4/2003

TEST ENGINEER, Rain Bird Corporation, Glendora, CA

  • Performed tests on current products and also prototypes for quality control and research.
  • Worked closely with engineers in research and development.
  • Designed and built automated test equipment for measuring distribution patterns.




Autodesk Inventor – 8 years

AutoCAD – 8 years

AutoCAD Electrical – 6 Years

SolidWorks – 9 years

Siemens TIA Portal – 5 Years

Rockwell Automation RSLogix – 7 Years